Investment Management & Consulting

Plurimi Investment Management & Consulting is an award-winning investment team with a distinguished track record of managing and advising on a range of investment solutions.

We work collaboratively to develop investment solutions, delivered through consulting, advice, and bespoke discretionary strategies.

For Pension funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals, we offer an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) function which reviews strategic asset allocation, investment portfolios, highlights risks and offers strategies to mitigate them.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques are used to complement a traditional investment process. We utilise Stratfolio, a proprietary multi-asset portfolio construction and risk management system, to create more optimal balances between return and risk. It is designed to be flexible to incorporate each client’s unique objectives and constraints.

We provide:

  • Macro economic assessment and thematic investing views.
  • Tactical asset allocation recommendations, including alternative asset classes.
  • Range of risk managed single asset class & multi-asset portfolios.
  • Third party fund & manager assessment, monitoring, and selection.


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