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Plurimi Wealth Solutions Limited (“PWS”) ​Disclaimer

This page is intended to provide a general overview of Plurimi Wealth Solutions Limited (“PWS”) and its services. 

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Important Legal Information

This page and the other pages connected by hyperlinks below are an integral part of that communication and any attachments therein. They contain important information that you must read.

Marketing Disclaimer

The marketing disclaimer must be read if the communication or any attachments contains presentations, term sheets or any other marketing material.

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Fund Marketing Disclaimer

The fund marketing  disclaimer must be read if the communication or any attachments contains presentations, product information or any other fund marketing material.

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Risk Warning Notice For Structured Capital At Risk Products

The Risk Warning Notice must be read in addition to the marketing disclaimer if the communication or any attachment contains information about a financial product that has a capital at risk element.

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Valuations Disclaimer

The valuations disclaimer must be read if the communication or any attachment contains any ad hoc, third party or consolidated report or valuation.

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Financial Markets: Views and Commentary

The financial markets disclaimer must be read if the communication or attachment contains a Plurimi Wealth LLP advisor’s observation or views on the financial markets.

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Email Disclaimer

The email disclaimer must be read if you receive any correspondence via email.

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Notice Of Execution

The notice of execution must be read when the communication includes any form of Trades Summary/Notification.

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Complaints Handling

Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect(s) of the service(s) provided to you, you may make a complaint to the Head of Compliance.

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Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Plurimi Wealth LLP is committed to acting fairly, ethically and with integrity. It is the policy of Plurimi Wealth LLP not to engage in or tolerate bribery in any form within its business or within organisations that it does business with. This policy has been adopted by the Partners (Members) of Plurimi Wealth LLP. The Partners attach the utmost importance to this policy and apply a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to acts of bribery and corruption. All employees are required to comply with Plurimi Wealth LLP’s Anti-Bribery Policy and to act in accordance with its provisions when carrying out work on Plurimi Wealth LLP’s behalf.

Website Disclaimer

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Trading Name

Plurimi Investment Managers is a trading name of Plurimi Wealth LLP.


Plurimi Wealth LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The contact address of the Financial Conduct Authority is:

Financial Conduct Authority

12 Endeavour Square


E20 1JN

Regulatory Disclosure

RTS 28

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